Friday, March 4, 2011

A Night @ The Bottom

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So what I had to push some girl to get these tickets. I wasn't about to miss the show I had been waiting over a month for. I couldn't miss the chance to see one of my favorite bands in all it's crazy glory. I've been a fan of Hellogoodbye before the MTV days. I love the simple and sweet lyrics. Their album "Would It Kill You"  wasn't the same pop,teen beach music we are use to hearing. The band has definitely matured and it shows through their music. Although the album differs from what we are use to,it's still the same amazing music we look for in this band. How could you not love this band with a lead singer like Forrest Kline?
 He's super cute with a sense of humor. Talking to the audience as if he knew them. At one point in the show he took one of the kids phone, read one of his text messages and put it in his pocket(he gave it back). In attendance were Now Now Every Children,You Me & Everyone We Know,Gold Motel,and Jukebox The Ghost. I know everyone is expecting me to say that Gold Motel was my second favorite band of the night (the lead singer is from Chicago) but they weren't. I wasn't really into Jukebox The Ghost but after this show they blew my mind away! Jukebox The Ghost totally set the mood for Hellogoodbye to take the show away. And they did! Ending with Forrest taking a dive into the crowd . All in all it was a great night.

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