Friday, March 11, 2011

Downtown Battle Mountain Tour 2011

I know that April 1st is nowhere near soon but I just can’t help but to be excited. DanceGavinDance, In Fear And Faith, Close To Home ,Just Like Vinyl, Dj.Chocolate and last but not least Iwrestledabearonce will all be in attendance. Granted that fact DanceGavinDance is amazing I expected the line up to be equally amazing if not 10 times as awesome as I would imagine. I was semi-right. The line-up is perfect for this genre. I think that some of the music I heard was sub-Par (or they’re better live) but you can think what you want to.  I love DanceGavinDance and Close To Home. I love their music and I can’t wait to see them live! I wrestled A Bear Once is growing on me. If they sound better live than there is no doubt that I will be a fan for life. Plus, it’s so refreshing to see a girl scream! Most of the time girls that scream suck ass at it and the worst part about it is THEY THINK THEY’RE GOOD! Please take a note from this girl and do it right. Anyways, I hope all these bands will deliver. You know I’ll be there with fingers crossed.

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