Sunday, April 3, 2011

So from what I can remember from friday.... lol There was a lot of rain and a lot bitchin music!I went to Metro expecting rude security guards and a bunch of pre-teens trying to impress their friends by drinking the most in line(all the great makings of a certified douchebag). I got the rude security guards but the people that were there hanging out were pretty cool. A difference from the regular people I met there before. Anyways, DanceGavinDance was awesome as usual and IWABO was so sick! They can perform their asses off! Close To Home was great too! I can't get over how great the line up was! I really didn't care for the rest of the groups. They really didn't float my boat.=/ It's different from the rest of the shows I go to.  It was a great night plus there's no way in hell that I would miss my friend Sammie jumping off a speaker in the back and pissing off a road-e. Anyways by the end of night he got kicked out and I was left to mingle around with the rest of the on-lookers who just thought he was a crazy drunk.Great night....great time......

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